112: Ceramic Thingies


Should’ve posted this earlier but I just got them back from the shop – all nice and glazed~

(There’s a place in Marchmont called “Doodles”; it’s a sort of ceramic painting studio. You go in, pick a ceramic something – they’ve all sorts of stuff like ceramic mugs, plates, etc. – and you sit down and start painting. They provide everything you need, like paints and brushes. And you even get tea or coffee. I had tea~ When you’re done painting your stuff, you leave it with them and they’ll put it in the kiln for you. You go back several days later and retrieve your stuff. How much you pay depends on what it is you paint. Those two small-ish ceramic thingies that I painted cost me all of £4! And I sat there for like, 2 hours… just painting and listening to music on my iPod and drinking tea. Bliss. ♥  I like that I could just focus on the one part I liked – the painting – and not have to worry about making the actual piece. hahaha)


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