179: Avenger Bunnies

A bunny with Thor’s hammer (and cape), a bunny trying on Loki’s silly helmet (and cape),  a bunny holding Cap’s shield.haha

Doodled these in my moleskine sketchbook during transit at KLIA to Tokyo in May. I don’t know why I made them so small – they’re all about the size of my index finger nail. Because I drew them that tiny and because I was using a pen and not a pencil, all the errors couldn’t be fixed – and the circular thing that’s supposed to be Cap’s shield ended up just a squiggly mess because I didn’t have space to draw the rings and the star properly. sigh. haha

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An attempt at producing a drawing, doodle, design or something arty every day for a year. Round 1 spanned 2010-11, and now here goes round 2.

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